3 Month Lifestyle Optimization Immersion for Men who feel "Lost."

"Find your Why and Stay Focused on your Mission."


WHAT IF... lost that extra fat and had the confidence you crave? woke up excited and had boundless energy all day? could stay focused and actually be productive? had the motivation and drive to stay consistent?

AVERAGE 3 Month Improvements:



53% less


131% more


111% better


193% better


Tell me if this is accurate:

  • You feel like “something’s missing” in your life.
  • You find yourself: out of shape, unfulfilled, or unsure of yourself.
  •  You haven’t been as productive with your time or stayed as consistent with healthy habits.

    Eventually, these men burn out because this is not sustainable.

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!


Here’s how most men go through life… 
  • They wake up tired, not excited to start their day.
  • They’re missing that drive, motivation, and passion for life.
  • After checking their phone, they get up and go straight for coffee in hopes it will turn on their foggy brain.
  • They KNOW something is missing in their life, but they keep following the same stressful cycle, day in, day out.

Eventually, these men are faced with a choice, either survive through a life of misery and mediocrity, or commit themselves to excellence so they can thrive and leave a positive impact and a meaningful legacy.

This is the choice you’re facing now.

What you decide to do now will change the trajectory of your life forever. Do you have what it takes to actualize your potential?

Or will you die with regret?


During my time as a machine gunner in the Marine Corps, I hated my life, was stressed out, and had trouble sleeping. My lack of fulfillment and victim mindset drove me to drown my sorrows in alcohol - frequently blacking out and driving back to base drunk, often not remembering how I got there.

One night, while drunk out of my mind, this time with a copious amount of THC in my system, a new experience for me, my life changed forever.

After breaking and entering into someone’s home, I found myself in a dream-like state jumping from rooftop to rooftop of 3 story beach houses.

Long story short, I ended up breaking my ankle and missing my next deployment. This literally and figuratively sobered me up.

I realized I would die with regret for not reaching my potential if I kept living this lifestyle.

So I vowed to change my habits. My New Years Resolution that year was to become a new and improved version of myself and I swore to cut out alcohol for the entire year. I did, two years in fact. During that time I began learning everything I could about holistic health and lifestyle optimization so I could help other men who felt stuck, like I used to.

I became a CrossFit coach and was recruited to work as the head coach of the biggest CrossFit gym in Saudi Arabia for some of the world’s wealthiest men.

But I still wasn't fulfilled. I realized that I am NOT an employee. I wanted freedom. And I wanted to impact people’s lives on a deeper level than fitness. I wanted to find ultimate fulfilment for myself and teach others how to do the same.

That is when I began drafting my MVVP (Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose).

I soon realized that the longer I worked a job I didn't fully love, no matter how much money I was earning, I wouldn't be fulfilled, and therefore, diminishing my impact on the world. This drove me to dive head first into building The Captain's Lifestyle Program.

So I burned the ships at the shore, quit my high paying job, and moved back home in 2019 to begin fulfilling my purpose to #MakeThrivingStandard.

I had found my why, and now it was time to stay focused on my mission. 

I stopped following the old map and created a new map instead, one that leads straight towards the best treasure imaginable - Optimal Health, Fulfilment, and Impact.

In my decade long journey to explore everything about nutrition, mindset, movement, productivity, stress management and more, I was able to construct my own life of supreme health and immense joy and now I use this system to help YOU do the same.

The Captain’s Lifestyle Program takes my decade of learning, self experimentation and well over $126k (and counting) invested in coaches/mentors and distills that wisdom and experience into a 4 month complete lifestyle optimization program designed to help you become The Captain of your own life, make a bigger impact on the world, and THRIVE!




The Program works best for:

Burnt-out 9-5 men who feel “stuck” and want to lose fat, find a sense of purpose, and manage their time more effectively.

Busy businessmen who want the discipline to stay focused, maintain consistent routines, build strength and reduce stress.

Ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the high-performance habits to take themselves to the next level and achieve peak health and productivity.

The Program is NOT for everyone. I only accept those who are fully committed to becoming the man (and leader) they're meant to be. If you're still okay with living a mediocre life, don't apply.


Almost all graduates say that the first month (the Mindset module and MVVP process) is the most transformational and the main reason they succeed.
Your experience in The Program is custom tailored to your unique situation based on your goals and specific health metrics that we will track and measure.
Graduate The Program in style during The Immersion rite-of-passage experience (details below).
Instead of just “telling you what to do,” I’ll help you understand the principles of optimized living so you won’t have to rely on me (or anyone) after The Program (although you will have lifetime access to our community and resources).
We develop an actual relationship. Graduating The Program and becoming The Captain of your own life means you join a brotherhood of other Captains.
I support you with LIVE coaching calls once a week, as well as unlimited daily support from myself and other Captains who have already graduated.



If you get accepted and commit to become The Captain of your own life, you will be added to your Voyage Group consisting of the 14 other purpose-driven men joining you on this journey. 

Each week, we hop on a call to discuss that week’s module, review your homework, and answer questions. 

The Program is administered in order of importance according to The Wheel of Lifestyle Optimization: the 8 most important pillars of optimal health, happiness, and productivity.


Mindset + MVVP +

Brain Health


First things first, we will get you more time by eliminating unnecessary distractions and prioritizing and scheduling what’s important to you. You will bust any self limiting beliefs that were holding you back and create a clear path forward.

You’ll learn the 10 principles of an unfuckwithable mentality as well as simple mindset shifts that will quite literally feel like you’re learning the magic spells to unlock your potential. 

As mentioned, the creation of your Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose will lead to a whole new level of motivation, drive, and focus you’ve likely never experienced before. Armed with your magic spells and MVVP, you’ll feel as powerful as a fucking Captain! 

We will then dive into how to optimize your brain based on your specific neurotransmitter imbalances. You'll learn how to eliminate brain fog, reduce stress, supercharge productivity, and manage your time even more effectively.

(Most clients make profound transformations after just the first week)


Sleep + Relationships


Sleep is the rising tide that raises all ships. Seriously. You’ll be amazed by the amount of energy, mental clarity and resilience to stress you’ll experience after we dial in the quality of your sleep.

You’ll create a custom nightly ritual based on your genetic makeup and hack your room to become a sleep inducing haven.

We will track and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep leading to waking up refreshed and excited to conquer your day.

In the Leadership module, you’ll learn why cultivating quality relationships are arguably the most important aspect of your health and happiness, and lead to increased productivity and quality of life.

We’ll cover the 10 principles to building and maintaining meaningful connections and you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively to get what you want.


Nutrition + Exercise +


Instead of giving you a generic meal plan that doesn't work, I’ll teach you how to make smart nutrition choices on your own and how to fit them in to your busy schedule.

We'll cover the 12 principles of nutrition and you’ll learn when to eat what, as well as how much to eat. I’ll give you personalized nutrition suggestions based on assessments and your goals (fat loss/muscle gain/longevity).

In the Exercise module, you’ll see how to easily incorporate movement into your daily routine, consistently! 

We’ll go over the 10 principles of healthy training, and you’ll receive personalized training suggestions based on your goals, skill level, and schedule. Getting abs is simple once you learn how. 

In the final weeks of The Program we’ll review your progress and begin to prepare for your graduation at The Immersion. 

We’ll leave no stone unturned and discuss the best supplements, gadgets and biohacks to give you that extra 10% performance boost. 

We’ll get into travel hacks, sauna/ice baths, optimal home/office set up, grounding, effects of EMF's, etc… Everything you need to achieve peak performance and dominate life as a Captain!


The Immersion is your final rite-of-passage to graduate The Program and become The Captain of your own life. It’s a 5 day long immersive experience into what it means to actually Live The Captain’s Lifestyle.


Once you become The Captain of your own life and optimize your mind, body, and health, the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to how much you can achieve. 

Some things to expect:
  • Extreme confidence
  • Huge boost in energy & vitality
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Improved leadership capabilities
  • Increased sex drive and performance
  • Laser focus and supercharged productivity
  • Lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, look sexy as fuck!
  • Collateral improvement (people around you will also improve)



The Captain’s Lifestyle Program is a 4 month long guided transformation to become The Captain of your own life. You get 1-on-1 support from me, group support from your fellow Voyage members, and the support of other Captains who have already graduated.


You will receive:
  • 13 weeks of detailed high-performance lifestyle optimization curriculum
  • Weekly group calls
  • Daily support and Q&A via Slack
  • 1 Immersion ticket

Ready to become The Captain of Your Own Life?


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