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…and you know it

Something is off. Something doesn’t feel right. Something is missing - isn’t it?

You want more. More than this...

More than this average, mediocre lifestyle you're living.

You're settling... for "good enough."

You’re a fraction of the person you know you can be. You've tried different diets and workout plans in the past and maybe even saw results with them. But they didn't last. You keep falling back into your old habits and negative self talk.

Maybe you've even read a few self-help books, listened to podcasts, or attended personal development seminars. Yet you still find yourself right back where you started. The motivation never lasts.

Why is that?

There are only two possibilities. Either:

1- You don't have the right information yet. This is rarely the case. A lot of men get stuck in the trap of thinking they need MORE information before they take action. This mindset usually leads to the "Information Addict." Those who read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, attend all the seminars, and are still struggling to see results in their life. I'VE BEEN THERE!

2 - You have the information, you lack the DISCIPLINE and MOTIVATION to actually stick to it. Most of us at least know the basics of what we need to do to reach our goals, right? 

Fat loss: get more sun, eat better, move more, sleep deeper.

Time management: prioritize what's important to you, schedule it, do it.

Happiness: spend more time doing things you enjoy with (or FOR) the people you love. 


But it's not that easy is it?


You've gotten too comfortable living your "good enough" lifestyle and you're scared to give up your little comforts to chase greatness. 

I'd be willing to bet that you also lack the ACCOUNTABILITY to follow through when you actually decide to make a change.

This is the problem most people face when figuring out how to actually stay consistent with new habits, having a supportive community who inspire you to reach your potential and support you along the journey. 

That's because most people are simply SURVIVING through life on autopilot themselves! How can they hold you accountable when they can't even hold themselves accountable? It’s time we #MakeThrivingStandard!

Living by The CAPTAIN'S CODE is the first step. The 12 most important aspects of living a Healthy, Productive, and Fulfilling life.

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Living The Captain's Lifestyle

The Captain's Lifestyle Is Perfect For Those Who:

Want to Maximize their Productivity

Dial in your Time Management and implement the high performance routines of the top 1% to stay LASER FOCUSED on your goals.

Want to Optimize their Health

Understand how to CONSISTENTLY eat, sleep, and train like a Captain to get fit, turbo charge your brain, and feel limitless!

Are Searching For A Tight-Knit Community

Crew Members are committed to becoming the best version of themselves and inspire you to do the same while supporting you along your journey. 

Want To Create The Freedom To Be In
Control Of Their Own Life

Create the confidence, resiliency, discipline, and vitality that will leave you looking, feeling, and performing your best, bound by NOTHING!

Want to Leave a Meaningful Legacy

You are driven by your vision of a better future and are seeking to leave a positive impact on the world and those around you. 


Total Lifestyle Optimization

Optimal Health & Productivity in 3 Simple Steps


The CAPTAIN'S CODE are the 12 non-negotiable habits needed to start Living The Captain's Lifestyle. They are the basics. If you find yourself stuck, revert back to The CODE.

Become a Crew Member

Join The Crew and access Exclusive Resources, Weekly Coaching Calls, Monthly High-Performance Masterminds Exclusive Giveaways from my sponsors, and more. With your new community to support you - your nutrition, training, focus, energy, and time management will all improve.

Join The Program

The Captain's Lifestyle Program is a 90-day lifestyle optimization program to lead you on your journey of becoming The Captain of your own life.

Why Live The Captain's Lifestyle?

You know it’s time to make some changes - so stop waiting! Take control of your life and commit to success. After all, nothing will change until you decide to finally take action… Stop surviving...Start THRIVING. Click the button below to learn more.
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