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The Captain's Lifestyle

Helping BusinessMEN take back their Time, Optimize their Health, and Maximize their Productivity. 

Find out where you rank on The Optimization Scale!

The Captain's Lifestyle Program™

Leading The Future of Business™

A 90-day, 1-on-1 lifestyle optimization program for Men who want to maximize their potential, optimize their work-life balance, scale their impact, and live their best life. Each week we will hop on a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss your daily/weekly goals (you set these yourself and I hold you accountable), what you learned in that weeks module, and answer any questions you have. One size DOES NOT "fit all." Everyone has unique circumstances so the program will be tailored to meet your specific goals.

Mindset/Vision/Brain Health

Weeks 1-6

You will identify your short and long term goals, create core values, craft a mission statement, and evaluate your priorities. You’ll learn the 10 principles of a successful mindset and gain clarity around what your purpose is in life. We will then dive into how to optimize your brain. You'll learn how to eliminate brain fog, reduce stress, increase productivity, and manage your time more effectively. 


Week 7-8

You’ll learn the importance of sleep for your personal health, happiness, and productivity. We will create a nightly routine and hack your room to become a sleep inducing haven. We will track and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep and you will get 7-8 hours of restful sleep, leading to more energy, focus, and productivity throughout your day. 


Week 9

You’ll learn why quality relationships are arguably the most important aspect of your health and happiness, and how they lead to better business performance as well. We’ll cover the 10 principles to building and maintaining meaningful connections and you’ll learn how to listen and communicate more effectively. 


Week 10

Instead of giving you a generic meal plan that doesn't work, I’ll simplify nutrition and teach you how to make smart dietary choices on your own and how to fit them into your busy schedule. We'll cover the 12 principles of nutrition and you’ll learn when to eat what, as well as how much to eat. We’ll then go over personalized nutrition suggestions based on your goals (fat loss/muscle gain/longevity) without counting calories.


Week 11

You’ll understand the difference between working out and living an active lifestyle, including how to easily incorporate movement into your daily life to boost productivity and get shredded. We’ll go over the 10 principles of healthy training, and you'll know how to finally get the body you've always wanted (yes, even with your busy schedule). 

Lifestyle Optimization/Biohacks

Week 12

In the final week of the program we’ll review your progress and come up with a game plan for your future once you graduate and set sail on your own.


We’ll leave no stone unturned so you feel completely set up for success. We’ll get into travel hacks, benefits of hot/cold exposure, optimal home/office set up, grounding, effects of EMF's, etc…


The selection process is thorough to guarantee you'll be a good fit for the program. I only work 1-on-1 with a select few clients and not everyone qualifies.

Take The Initial Assessment

This is a free 5 minute assessment to determine where you rank on The Optimization Scale. Scores range from "Living The Captain's Lifestyle" all the way down to "Burnout" and worse.


Book A Call

Schedule a FREE 45 minute Strategy Session with me where I gain clarity around what you're struggling with and what you'd like to achieve. Based on your ranking from the Initial Assessment, I'll then map out a plan for your success and help you take the first step.



If it sounds like I can help you, we'll schedule your Consultation Call. This will take around 45-60 minutes which allows us to dive deep into exactly what's going on. If (and only if) I feel 100% certain that I can help you, I'll extend an invitation for you to work with me at either the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Tier.

Client Transformations


Jake Dewar

Founder of Dewr

"Participating in The Captain's Lifestyle Program was hands down the best decision rooted in personal development that I have made in a long time. As a solo-entrepreneur focused on helping others to achieve their best, Taylor excelled in helping me to become a better version of myself in the 3 month duration of the course. Through actionable content, mentor-based accountability, and professional guidance, The Captain's Lifestyle Program has helped me to become a confident, efficient, and value-driven entrepreneur ready to do great things."

Daniel Hinchcliff

Founder of Turtleball

Only 1 month into the program:

"I can't even recognize myself from where I used to be to where I am now. I felt like I was maximizing my potential and my performance but there was something missing. I was pouring from an empty cup. Now I'm tapping into parts of myself that I didn't even know existed. Having the level of accountability and support from Taylor has made a huge difference."


Nori Castillo, MBA

Financial Consultant | Founder of Non-Profit Startup


Michael Lowther

Lifeguard / Founder of PUKA

  • Increased sales and scaled business
  • Gained 10+ lbs of muscle
  • Lost 2+% body fat
  • Added 2+ hours of restorative (REM/Deep) sleep
  • Balanced personal/professional life (works less/enjoys time off)
  • Improved time management
  •  Gained confidence

Listen to his full transformation: "Optimize Yourself = Optimize Your Business"


Matt Wilder

Founder of Wilder Strategies

Taylor's program changed how I prepare and manage my days, resulting in a new focus, energy, and approach that has benefited me in so many ways. I've become more self disciplined, intentional about how I plan and manage my work, and given more consideration to short and long-term goals, and what is necessary to reach them. More than anything, I appreciate how Taylor doesn't give up on you, even when there are moments you are close to giving up. Having him help to keep you accountable to what you want is a game changer.”

Noah Herrera

Actor | Marymount Manhattan College


Before and After

Sleep: 5.5hrs/night to 7.5hrs

Stress: 9/10 to 2/10

Performance: 6/10 to 8/10

Connections: 7/10 to 10/10

Contribution to Society: 5/10 to 8/10

Time management: 1/10 to 9/10

Focus: 1/10 to 8/10

Energy: 6/10 to 10/10

Overall Lifestyle: 7/10 to 9/10


UC Berkely Grad / Cyber Consultant

This has been a life changer. I no longer struggle to get out of bed at all. Normally that was hard for me. Cause when you’re the type of person that would wake up to start work, grabbing your laptop, sitting up and starting your emails, there was no motivation to start. Whereas when the first thing I’m doing is going for a long walk in the neighborhood and then taking a cold shower, it makes me feel so much better and has improved my recovery.”

Listen to his full transformation: "From Email Alarm Clock To Living The Captain's Lifestyle

We discuss his transition from overworked, stressed out, and stagnant, to working LESS but actually getting MORE done, reducing stress/ADHD, and crushing goals and setting personal records. 


Marine Corps Vet / Engineering Student

  • 50% reduction in stress

  • 100% satisfied with ability to focus

  • 100% satisfied with energy level

  • 100% confident in ability to continue improving

  • 167% increase in quality of relationships

  • 200% increase in contribution to society

  • 200% increase in personal development

Accomplishments: Developed skills/routines to have highly productive days, gained confidence, lost body fat, reduced depression, improved mobility, exercises daily, sleeps 8+ hours.

 Listen to his full transformation: "A Former Marine's Journey Towards Self Confidence - Advice Everyone Needs To Hear"

"When I started The Captain’s Lifestyle program I was not in a great place mentally or physically. I couldn’t sleep any longer than five hours. I had no reason to be confident, no real reason to get myself out of bed every day. But now here I am, my life and the way I see myself have completely changed. On average, I'm getting 90-120 minutes more of high quality sleep per night! Because I developed healthy eating habits and I am getting great sleep, I started working out again. The combination of having all three of these areas of my health in good order has given me extreme confidence. All of this has made me an arguably much better person. I’ve quit weed and tobacco, lost seven pounds, fallen in love with reading again, signed up for and started training for a marathon. As Taylor would say, “I’ve become The Captain of My Own Life!” "

Air Force Veteran / Engineering Student

Now It's Your Turn.

What it means to #LiveTheCaptainsLifestyle

You act out of love, unconditionally. You prioritize your health. You give without the intent to receive. You live in abundance. You are grateful and keep things in perspective. Your work is fulfilling and benefits society. You are present and live in the moment. You cultivate meaningful relationships.

You choose Happiness.

You consistently maintain high performance habits. You pay attention to detail, little things are big things. You keep promises to yourself and others. You focus on and stick to the process. You use “failures” as learning experiences. You delay gratification. You restrain your desires. You are in control of every aspect of your life and are constantly striving to improve yourself, those around you, and the environment.

You chase Excellence.

You're not a slave to your work. You create your optimal schedule and prioritize your time. You define success. You yin, you yang. You awaken your Divine Masculine and embrace your Divine Feminine. You connect with nature. You are strong, and flexible. You have the ability to do harm, and unleash it only when necessary.

You live in Balance.

You're calm under pressure. You're confident. You understand, accept, and control your emotions. You listen with empathy. You ask better questions. You collaborate with others. You plan, you train. You don't react, you respond. You are open minded. You're a lifelong student. You always adhere to your values. You turn obstacles into opportunities for growth. You're comfortable being uncomfortable. You have the courage to do what others won't. You give credit and take blame. You protect what needs protecting.

You Lead by example

You understand the person you want to become and the legacy you want to leave. It's bigger than you. You are driven by purpose, passion, and your vision for a better future. You don't stray from the path to success, especially when it's challenging. People are counting on you.  If not you, then who? If not now, then when? You are mindful of your decisions and influence others to do the same. You support sustainability and respect Mother Nature. 

You grow your Impact.

You are The Captain of Your Own Life.

The Captain's Lifestyle Podcast


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