Taylor Morgan

Marine Corps Vet | Holistic Lifestyle Specialist | Ecopreneur

Taylor Morgan

Holistic Lifestyle Specialist


I was born and raised in Lodi, California and have always been active and loved the outdoors. Growing up, my three passions were nature, baseball and the military. I always knew I never wanted to have a “regular job” so I didn’t try very hard in high school because I knew I didn’t want to go to college. I thought I would either follow in my dad's footsteps and become a professional baseball player (which was never a real option) or join the military. I decided to join the Marine Corps.

From 2014-2018 I served as a machine gunner and deployed to Okinawa, Japan and South Korea. After that first deployment, I broke my ankle while I was drunk and being stupid. That caused me to miss my second deployment. You can listen to that crazy story HERE.

After my "accident," I completely changed my life around. I started learning everything I could about human performance and lifestyle optimization. I even gave up drinking for nearly two years. I wanted to be as productive as possible with my time and help others do the same. At this point, I was working as the head coach of the biggest CrossFit gym in Saudi Arabia. But I wasn't fulfilled and I wanted to create a bigger impact. That is what drove me to create The Captain's Lifestyle.

I have spent the last 8 years studying holistic health and have influenced over 70,000 people to optimize their lifestyle. My work has been featured internationally in multiple health and business related publications, podcasts, and even on live news.  

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To Inspire others to #LiveTheCaptainsLifestyle. I do this by expressing my Happiness, relentless pursuit of Excellence, eagerness to face Challenge, and Adventurous personality.

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